Futuroscope & Poitiers

Futuroscope is a famous leisure park located in the Poitou-Charentes region, on the French Atlantic coast. The park is characterized by its futuristic allure. Among the main attractions you will find: “dance with robots” a giant robot arm that shakes at the rhythm of music by the artist Martin Solveig, or the “4D adventures of Arthur and the Minimoys,” an exciting tour in a fairy-tale world.

All of Futuroscope attractions are based on the senses and on cutting edge technologies. There is also a “Discovery” section where kids of all ages can enjoy a formative and fun moment at the same time. Futuroscope has very limited height restrictions so it is suitable to everyone.

The access to Futuroscope is very easy: from the Poitiers airport you can reach the park by a bus shuttle. Parking for motorists and a wide range of hotels are also provided.

And for the grown-ups? After enjoying Futuroscope with your children, you can visit the one of the most charming town in Poitou-Charentes area: Poitiers. Don’t miss Notre-Dame-la-Grande, one of the region’s finest Romanesque churches, and the gothic charm of St Peter’s Cathedral.